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Season Two

In the latest season of Mindful Makers, we explore the world of wellbeing, art, biohacking, design, coaching and more. Now available on video (Spotify and YouTube) for those who enjoy a more visual experience.

Welcome to the show

Mindful Makers is born out of admiration, curiosity and the desire to shine a light on people creating with intention, purpose and honesty in our modern world.

Every week I’ll be sitting with creators, entrepreneurs, artists and brands that are run by real people for real people. Together we will unpack how they mindfully create and move in each of their worlds and as a result enhance the lives of others. 

Mindful Makers aims to bring you genuine, informative and empowering conversations that will hopefully give you a dose of knowledge and inspiration for your own lives.

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A taste of what's to come...

Feeling curious?

Click here for a sneak peek of what's to come on the show.

Gulnar & Julia: Nature Hedonist

Purpose & Partnership

In the debut episode of our podcast, we hear from two of Dubai’s most authentic and soul-centred businesswomen, Gulnar Tyndybaeva and Julia Sukhanova, founders of Nature Hedonist, an award-winning sustainable linen brand that celebrates the beauty of nature.

In this episode, we dive into their perspectives on partnership, the ways in which they build on differences, and the importance of creating space for growth in a dynamic startup.


Valentina Cereda


Energy & Space

Valentina Cereda is an Integrative Architect and the founder of Energy & Space, a Wellness Achitecture and Design advisory. She integrates her architectural skills with diverse specialisations such as Building Biology and Electromagnetic Radiations, Classical Feng Shui, Dowsing, and Land Energy Sciences, to align physical environments with the frequencies of nature.


Join us as we examine how the built environment affects our health and well-being, and discover how tapping into the power of nature and the Earth's healing wisdom can create positive change in our lives and around us.

Emaan Abbass: Ketish

The Energy of Evolution

Emaan Abbass is the founder of Ketish, the first female-owned, experience-based, feminine products brand that is entirely homegrown in Dubai.


Having created her brand from a deeply personal experience Emaan established a safe, fresh, and informative online community immersed in genuine, unfiltered, dialogues around feminine sexual wellness.


Join us as we reflect upon the lessons learned, relish the moments made, and celebrate Emaan’s energy around building (and becoming) a brand of her own.

Not to be missed if you’re thirsty for some passion, honesty and a healthy dose of courage.


Asareh Ebrahimpour


Interdisciplinary Artist

Asareh is a Persian interdisciplinary artist and an experienced art performer based in Dubai. She works across several modalities ranging from painting, sculpture, performance art, poetry and sound to challenge the traditional forms of visual art. She has performed and exhibited at the United Nations, Expo 2020, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and the Oxford Festival of the Arts to name a few


Asareh’s personal journey invites us to question what truly lights us up and makes room for the unknown. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of listening to your soul's purpose and nourishing its deepest desires.


Mohammed Kazim: Tamashee

Preserving Identity, Celebrating Culture

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Tamashee, a luxury footwear brand based in Dubai and its co-founder Mohammed Kazim, Emirati entrepreneur and culturalist.

At the heart of Tamashee is a soulful narrative that is focused on preserving identity, representing culture and colouring lives. As we delve into Mohammed's world, we discover the profound research and meticulous craftsmanship that’s infused not only into Tamashee's products but also into their enriching workshops, cultural tours, documentaries and so much more.

Prepare to celebrate the beauty of culture, the artistry of craftsmanship, the wonders of nature, and the rich history that envelops the Arabian Peninsula.

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